Client spot ethel

Client Spotlight: Ethel – “I love your daily visits.”

Raised in Santa Monica near the ocean, Ethel, at 103, says she has lived a lovely life. At a young age, Ethel took both piano and painting lessons, and she remembers painting outside by the ocean. She feels she has been very fortunate to experience so many things and meet so many interesting people. As a child, Ethel traveled often to Croydon, England, where her parents grew up.

They also traveled to Scotland, France and across Europe. As an adult, she traveled through her work as President of the State Dental Association, not only throughout California, but up also into Canada, across the U.S., and along the East Coast. Ethel took many photographs during her travels and brought them home to Los Angeles, where she created oil paintings of her European and U.S. excursions. Ethel says she feels lucky to have had two nice husbands, Ralph and Victor, who she says were both “very good to her.”

She attended SAMO High School and also took classes at UCLA. She loved to paint, dance, sing, and play piano. She still plays piano, and has played for some of our volunteers who deliver to her. She speaks fondly of the beach and the parks here in Los Angeles, and often says how thankful she is to have lived such a wonderful, long life. She is glad to be here, and says that the older she gets, the happier she gets. Ethel enjoys sitting by the window and looking out at the mountains and the sunshine. She is a member of a nearby church and she tries to attend every Sunday. A wonderful woman from the church comes over most Sundays to give her a bath, help her dress and drive her to church. Ethel’s daughter and her family have moved in with Ethel and live upstairs. “It’s nice to be alive,” Ethel told us, “especially because I love your (daily) visits. You all treat me so well! It’s nice that you give your time to bring me this food. I really feel blessed that you take the time to come and visit me!”